Latest Updates from Campbell's Cabins

January 22, 2016

Dear Friends:

We belatedly wish each and every one of you a healthy and happy 2016! Our season ended with an absolutely awesome fall - the fall colors were lovely. Once the maple, birch and poplar trees shed their foliage we are privy to the golden orange of the tamarack tree needles. This is the only needle bearing tree to shed - not so pretty when "needle naked". Warm weather continued up until Christmas time - Jay and Cheryl along with Curtis boated to the resort for December 10th - no ice to be seen! Curtis had to come to La Croix to pick up Santa's early drop off for Olivia and Robert as getting the family to La Croix for Christmas just wasn't to be. By Christmas day we had less than 4 inches of ice - barely enough to walk on.

Summer 2015 saw some large fish caught by many of our guests, though fishing on a whole was excellent. Lady anglers, Audrey Curtis and Delila McKenna released 25 and 28.5 inch walleye respectively. Honorable mention goes to Craig Herther, Maggie Conboy, Bob Drew and Donald Stensland. Two sturgeon were caught also, a 63 inch by Kevin Garden and a 52 inch by Bob Steele. These prehistoric creatures generate a great deal of excitement!

A few projects were begun and will be completed by our May end opening. Beaverhouse cabin is wired and ready for a complete kitchen. Cabin 7 will also see a kitchen remake. A new, enclosed deck for Cabin 8 is also on the drawing board, though may not see completion until later into the summer.

Jay and Cheryl enjoyed a month away from home, most of which was spent in Florida. The weather was unusually warm so several pool hours were logged. The will fly down again for the month of March, after which it will be full steam ahead to ready for another fishing season.

Many of you are probably aware of your strong U.S. dollar. This will be a great year to plan a return visit to Campbell's with gas prices at an all time low also. A huge bang for your buck!

We thank each and every one of you for your past patronage and hope to welcome you back during the 2016 season.

Warm regards,
The Handbergs